The magic of a single piece of textile

MACOOL’s passion comes from the concept of Origami, which

enables you to create many different forms from a single piece

of paper. It’s like magic!

We see the similarity to Origami in a scarf. By changing its

form, you can transform it into many diverse styles.
It is a truly magical item which can brighten up your everyday life and

make you feel better.

We are MACOOL - a genuine Japan-born scarf brand and

passionate about producing unique yet everlasting designer silk

scarves that bring freedom and styles to your fashion.

We collaborate with a diverse range of

experienced designers, including a

former designer from Christian Dior

and the director of Hermes. This is not

only to produce the finest quality silk

scarves, but also to make our designs

distinctive through blending Japanese

and western influences.


2017 -

TSURU’s design is inspired by the lines which are created when

an Origami paper is folded into the shape of a Tsuru (crane).

The gaps between the lines are filled with the Japanese

traditional pattern “Yabane” (arrow feather) and a traditional

Scottish “Houndstooth” pattern.



2017 -

Since it was first introduced at the Paris Expo in 1867, Arita-yaki’s

designs have fascinated Europeans. One of our French Designers

has been inspired by the 400 year history of this Japanese

porcelain to create the ARITA scarf.


MACOOL products skillfully created by Japanese Artisans.


We are committed to “Made in Japan”.
We want to do everything in a way in which
we can be assured each process for making a
product is carried out with utmost care. From
silk weaving, to sewing the final product, we
entrust all areas of MACOOL’s production to
Japanese Artisans.

The highest grade of silk, 6A,

to provide thinness, lightness, and smoothness.


All of MACOOL’s scarves are made of 100% silk.

It is a natural material that retains heat and

absorbs moisture.

It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Silk scarves can be worn all year round.

We only use the highest grade of 6A silk.

This is because we strongly believe that texture is

one of the most important elements for scarves.

MACOOL’s scarves are smooth, light, yet strong

and top of that they are washable. The 6A silk has

an elegant sheen and a smooth feel.

MACOOL “Original Buckles”

You don’t need to have dexterous hands

to enjoy scarf arrangement.

MACOOL buckles let you tie and arrange

scarves in many ways with no hassle.

In fact, the simplest way is just to slip

your scarf through the hole in the buckle!

We make the buckles so that all our

customers can enjoy wearing and showing

off our scarves.

【A scarf that you can enjoy for a long time with 3“lesses”】


We propose designs that can be used for a long time

without being influenced by trends.


Silk has excellent heat retention and moisture absorption

properties and can be used throughout the year.


Unlike clothes, a scarf is an item which doesn’t get affected

by your age or body shape.

【MACOOL buckles: made from scrap acrylic】

Our iconic buckles are made from acrylic scraps abandoned

by factories, which is why they come in a variety of colours.

This not only allows us to offer a high quality of materials at a

reasonable price, but also helps to reduce waste plastic.

【Sundry goods made from our “flawed” silk scarves】

Natural silk sometimes has small flaws called "neps". Any silk which

exceeds a certain amount of neps cannot be used for scarves. However,

we do not want to waste the material, so we carefully remove

the neps and use the fabric to create hair turbans, pouches, and

other reasonably priced accessories.

MACOOL doesn’t produce waste.

All of our silk materials are used with care.

We aim to develop sustainable products which are environmentally friendly.