Our scarves are designed by a French designer who lives in Japan and has previously worked for Christian Dior, together with an up and coming Japanese designer. They design uses the folding lines of “Origami“ (The Japanese art of paper folding) as a base motif combined with hand-painted traditional Japanese patterns. Our products are made from 100% silk, print in Kyoto , Japan. The coloring is done by a new computer in Kyoto using advanced techniques to produce vivid, pure and elegant colors that can ONLY come from Japan. Our high-quality silk scarves are irresistibly smooth and soft for luxurious wearing. Our design concept is using traditional Japanese art in new fashion. Since ancient times Japanese design and European design has been different. Japanese design has always been 2D or flat. European design has always been 3D or having depth, For example dresses have a decorative depth whereas kimonos and flat. There is only a front and back. The shoulders of kimono are straight and emphasize flatness. The same is seen in animation , Famous Japanese animation is 2D. MACOOL design follows this Japanese tradition with our scarves.